These terms &condition form an integral part of the accompanying newspaperagency.in application/registration form and govern the provision of services (Newspaper agent/publishers/Advertiser/Readers/Vendor) or any associated members/users by newspaperagency.in.

  1. The concept opportunity comprises the capacity of sponsorship associate for the company scheme and the provision of all service from time to time displayed or described in website- newspaperagency.in and/or brochure, catalogue/newspapers etc.
  2. The readers identification card shall be allotted for members when they subscribe amount paid towards one year membership fee " X" amount on the support of aforesaid concept/registration by newspaperagency.in shall not refunded under any circumstance.
  3. The procedure of offer shall based on advertise product value or number of sponsorship (associated members) in common interest.
  4. The information of members shall be provided to the associated members for business development. That there shall be no pressure or obligation for either party to effect harmful in business concerned ,maintaining good conduct and good faith between them
  5. The members/associated members shall be terminated providing an opportunity of other profit. If it found any statement or information made in the application to be false on his part and whatsoever.
  6. If any prescribed offer list shall remain valid for minimum 12 calendar months from the enrollment/registration but when required to alter anything the prescribed list can be party modified as per requirement the previous offer list will automatically ceased.
  7. If any member or associated member breaching any stipulation made in rule of concept in his part. The newspaperagency.in shall be entitled to immediately terminate having to enter legal proceeding to require such terminations.
  8. If any member or associated member shall not be display with the newspaperagency.in name logo, as design by the newspaperagency.in for his/her personal stationary with prior written permission trademark, patent, copyright or any other intellectual properties of the newspaperagency.in for the other purpose.
  9. At such remittance and opportunity of any members in progress of phenomenal system continues and initial membership as valid can be 12 months of enrollment/registration but after they have submit the signed renewal form along with renewal fee within 30 days before the months in which the enrollment/registration expires. This can be allowed to continued active as members and opportunity shall be reconfirmed as an obligation to abide by the rules of concept/newspaperagency.in.
  10. The newspaperagency.in shall have the absolute right to make any amendment and change if necessary at any time after agreement and the members/associate member shall have to abide by such change.
  11. Provision of services:

    • That the associated members accordingly shall deal his own marketing /advertising business in his private part, but so far, the new innovative project/marketing strategies matter with the newspaperagency.in or Rwave consultant private limited shall concern the associated members shall treat and keep it under capacity of the newspaperagency.in.
    • That the newspaperagency.in shall be recovering the amount from the venders through policy agreement not to force in any manner and if any reverse, circumstance would arise directly or indirectly the shall have no right to impose any training point to damage or put any lose to the newspaperagency.in. or company.
    • That the associated members shall be providing proper opportunity and support in publishing/broadcasting the materials, which shall produced by the newspaperagency.in in the proper platform.
    • That the associated members shall not violate the terms nor he shall impose any such terms, which would be fatal and harmful to the newspaperagency.in in any manner.
    • That the associated members shall pay advanced consultancy fee payment of minimum "Y" per month to the newspaperagency.in. Subsequently,the commission payment Q%of growth of circulations/advertisement amount to the newspaperagency.in and whatsoever.
    • That the associated members shall pay the monthly commission/payment to the newspaperagency.in by cash or cheque within first week of per month.
    • That the newspaperagency.in shall have right to registration in his part such as trademark, patent, copyright or any other intellectual properties, which shall be benefit for business/project by support of the associated members. Subsequently the entire business deal which produced by the newspaperagency.in shall be under control of the newspaperagency.in.
    • That the associated members shall display name loge as designed which produced or provided by the newspaperagency.in for printing his/her personal stationary with prior permission. Subsequently, the associated members shall not disclose Confidential Information without newspaperagency.in's prior written consent. That the associated members shall not authorize or encourage any third party to..
    • That the newspaperagency.in always shall have a view to increase that advertisement/circulation day by day and in such concern the right of broadcasting/publication etc of those types shall be reserved in the hand of the newspaperagency.in, subsequently the entire own materials/design for broadcasting/publication shall remain in the professional control of the newspaperagency.in. The associated members shall have on capacity to alter, amend and change those materials otherwise.
    • That if, any kind of dispute or hindrance in created unknowingly forms either party it shall settled with their written consent. but if any term is violated up to any long extend, or if the period of one year expires. Or if the contract is revoked and cancelled before expiry the associated members shall have no right to continue for any manner publications/display of project/concept/marketing strategies extend or in any other way functionary of the newspaperagency.in so related causing loss and damage to the newspaperagency.in.
    • That based on prevailing smooth business the parties can renew their written/online agreement for further duration with or without other terms and conditions.
    • This agreement shall be enforce for registration of online form which displayed on newspaperagency.in .
  12. All disputes shall be subjected to Ranchi District jurisdiction only with the state of Jharkhand.
  13. Other Terms and Conditions:

    Now, you can pay online newspapers payment through our website www.newspaperagency.in or apps when you will pay newspaper monthly billing by online payment before due date you get newspaper credit bonus point which will be equal to your paid amount. That NCB point you used for advertisement discount when you will advertise through this website in newspapers etc. We also published other beneficial offer time to time from this site.(offer valid Limited time and area's)*

      when you pay online payment of newspaper please read following notes.

    1. Offered valid when you take newspaper through our associated vendors.
    2. If your vendors are not associated with us,please contact our Customer support. We will provide you vendor for delivering your newspapers.
    3. You will mention vendor name and code in your profile before you used payment option.
    4. You will send advertisement for many newspapers through our website. You have read our advertisement policy.

Our Advertisement policy.

In the event of your need for cancellation of theadvertisement booked, you (user) need to send a written communication to 'customer care team' to the mail idinfo@newspaperagency.in with the BOOKING ID , NAME OF THE NEWS PAPER, THE EDITION and the RELEASE DATE along with the request for ad cancellation.

On receipt of your mail for Cancellation of the Advertisement booked, we have to coordinate with the corresponding publication and commence the cancellation process. It will be an offline cancellation process and depends whether the ad request is already processed / forwarded to the corresponding section for publishing. The cancellation can be made within FOUR DAYS before the publishing date excluding the Sundays and any Govt/National/Regional holidays.



  1. When we haven't received your payment in time.
  2. When we haven't been able to process your payment successfully.
  3. When we haven't received the supporting documents.
  4. If the publication rejects the ad due to the abusive nature of content.

On all the above situations, the cancellation charge of 10% or Rs.200/- whichever is higher will be levied and the balance amount will be refunded. Please note this refund process will take upto seven working days. No cancellation request will be entertained if requested after the four days deadline


  1. Due to the publication's scheduling errors
  2. Un-availability of Space on the specified day
  3. Non Issue of publication on the day owing to some holidays or other reasons etc On all the above situations, on discussion with the publication, the next best available dates will be offered to the customers. On their acceptance of the new date of release, the advertisement will be rescheduled with the prevailing terms and conditions for the release on the particular day. If the customer does not want to reschedule but wants to cancel, on the receipt of his cancellation order, full amount will be refunded on request. As per www.newspaperagency.in Policy, we do not issue refunds once the order is accepted and the advertisement is published. Our Online Newspaper Booking Policy! www.newspaperagency.in offer you to create account in this website and accept opportunity given by our Associated members. We have offered you free online Newspaper booking service. If any offer given by publishers or associated members through this route we will passed you definitely.


  1. Any prescribed offered shall be published or advertising by this site is the part of our associated members.
  2. If any offered or commitment given by any publishers or associated members Directly or indirectly is the part of their business. The www.newspaperagency.in or Rwave consultants Private Limited are not responsible for their commitment.
  3. The www.newspaperageny.in shall have only committed their own prescribed offers.
  4. The www.newspaperagency.in reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time as it sees fit and your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. User is required to check terms and conditions at every visit. No notification communication will be done subject to change in terms and conditions.

About Newspaper credit bonus point!

  1. Newspaper credit bonus point is the rewards given by our side,if you pay newspaper monthly billing before due data of every month.
  2. The user used to NCB point is advertisement discount purpose and get maximum benefits 200 Rupees discount for one advertisement booking transaction. Maximum discount depend the value of your advertisement booked. No cash back or refund given you regarding this NCB point. e-Coupon Redemption e-Coupon redemption is purely subjected to standard and specified terms and conditions mentioned by the respective retailer. Coupons are issued on behalf of the respective retailer. Hence, any damages, injuries, losses incurred by the end user by using the coupon is not the responsibility of www.newspaperagency.in.
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